I trust you are all keeping well and safe. I have been fortunate to have recently returned from trekking the Larapinta Trek out of Alice Springs.

My wife Tania and I travelled with two other like-minded couples, included in a group of sixteen.

The amazing freedom of being able to travel out of WA was so liberating.

It was quite exciting to travel on a plane after my last trip in November 2019. When was your last flight?​

If you have not had the opportunity to travel to the big red centre of our magnificent country, I urge you to. The beauty of our country is so amazing.

Our trek was fabulous. To be on top of Mount Sonder at 1,350metres high on a stunning blue-sky day and have lunch looking across the MacDonnell Ranges, was just breathtaking.

The ability to be out of Perth enjoying amazing views, terrific company and exercising, is something I would recommend to you all.

In our world of Covid and less travel, I have noticed a lot of our Ezekiel Eyes patients are on a treadmill with little or no travel excursions planned.

I encourage you all to have a break away from your routine/work/home/play and get away. A break for you will recharge your body/brain and your eyes, from all those digital devices.


Make sure you encourage your loved ones to also take regular breaks and downtime.

The Covid lockdown/slowdown is out of the way for the time being, so let’s get back to some kind of better balance of life.