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What Makes Face-a-Face Unique?

Face a Face stands out in the world of designer eyewear with its unparalleled dedication to art and individuality. Each pair of glasses is a unique piece of wearable art, meticulously crafted in France and Italy.

The brand’s designs are characterized by their bold, architectural lines and vibrant color palettes, making them a true statement piece for any wearer.

What sets Face a Face apart is its commitment to pushing the boundaries of conventional eyewear design, blending avant-garde aesthetics with practical functionality.

The use of high-quality materials like acetate and metal ensures durability and comfort, while the brand’s innovative hinge designs add a touch of sophistication and ease of use.

About the Brand

Founded in 1995 by Pascal Jaulent and Nadine Roth, Face a Face has quickly become a symbol of avant-garde French eyewear. The brand’s journey began with a mission to create eyewear that reflects the individuality and personality of its wearer.

Over the years, Face a Face has achieved several significant milestones, including the introduction of the Bocca collection, which features frames with whimsical, shoe-like temple tips that add a playful twist to high fashion.

In 2009, the company was acquired by the Aoyama Optical Group, which allowed it to expand its reach globally while maintaining its unique design philosophy. Despite the acquisition, Face a Face has stayed true to its roots, continuing to innovate and inspire with every new collection.

Face-a-Face's Appeal

Face a Face eyewear appeals to a diverse demographic that values individuality, creativity, and high fashion. The brand’s target market primarily consists of both men and women, with a slight skew towards females, who are fashion-forward and appreciate bold, artistic statements.

It resonates most strongly with Gen X and Millennials, who seek unique, high-quality accessories that reflect their personal style and sophistication.

Face a Face wearers are typically individuals who value craftsmanship and are not afraid to stand out. They embrace the brand’s core values of originality, elegance, and innovation, making Face a Face a perfect choice for those who see eyewear as an extension of their personality and a key component of their fashion identity.

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