Soft Contact Lenses

Conventional Soft Contact Lenses are made of plastic polymer and non-silicone hydrogel materials, which allow the passage of oxygen to the eye. The water content of soft contact lenses ranges from 38% to 71%. These lenses require a short adaptation period and are available with handling tints. These lenses are ideal for the patient who is involved in sport, leads an active lifestyle or is a social wearer.

Soft contact lenses are available in corrections for myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism and also bifocals for the presbyopic patient.

Disposable Contact Lenses
Disposable soft contact lenses are lenses that are worn for varying periods of time. These lenses can be from daily disposables to fortnightly and even monthly and then they need to be discarded.

These lenses require little or no cleaning and greatly reduce the risk of eye infection if the patient follows the instructions of your optometrist. Vision can be compromised and not all vision problems can be corrected.