Dear Patients

We welcome a very exciting addition to the vast array of contact lenses that we offer you.

Kai and I like to be at the cutting edge of technology. That is why we are the first optometrists / contact lens specialists in Australia and New Zealand to fit the family of SoClear Contact Lenses.These are remarkable lenses and are surpassing the comfort that we can currently offer our rigid gas permeable contact lens patients. 

As contact lens specialists, we will custom design SoClear lenses specifically for your eyes. These lenses are manufactured from Boston XO2 material, a gas permeable material with high oxygen transmittance for ocular health. Combining this advanced gas permeable material with the size and design of SoClear lenses provides all-day comfortable wear.

The comfort and stability achieved with the SoClear designs gives the patient great visual acuity and comfort that is superior to standard rigid gas permeable corneal contact lenses for the vast majority of our patients.