Optometrist Services - Claremont

Searching for an optometrist near Claremont? You’ll find our clinic conveniently located in Nedlands, Perth, just a brief drive away.

At our clinic, patient care is our top priority, and we provide the most advanced eye care technology available.

We also present a stylish range of both high-end and budget-friendly eyeglasses and sunglasses. Whether you prioritize comfort, affordability, style, or luxury, we are dedicated to meeting your unique needs.

Want to know more about what we offer in optometry services, or are you ready to book an appointment? Don’t hesitate to contact Ezekiel Eyes!

Our doors are open from Monday through Saturday.


Eye Examinations - Claremont

At our clinic, we’ve got the modern equipment needed to diagnose a variety of eye problems. Whether it’s common issues like nearsightedness or farsightedness, or more serious conditions like cataracts, glaucoma, macular degeneration, and diabetic retinopathy, we’re equipped to handle it.

Our goal is to get a clear picture of your eye health and provide the care you need.

We’re all about making you feel welcome and informed at our practice. Ezekiel Eyes doesn’t just diagnose and treat; we want you to understand your eye health. We believe that the more you know, the better choices you can make about your eye care.

Eye Examinations, in Claremont, Perth. Optometrist.

Optical Services - Claremont

Prescription eyewear in Claremont, Perth. Optometrist.

At Ezekiel Eyes, we focus on giving you personalized service when it comes to choosing and fitting your glasses. Our team of skilled opticians takes the time to measure your eyes carefully. We make sure that the eyewear you pick not only helps you see better but also fits your daily life and style.

Need a quick fix for your glasses? No problem! At Ezekiel Eyes, we’ve got you covered with fast and fuss-free repair services for your frames.

Whether it’s a small adjustment or a more complex fix, our practice is all set to handle various types of frame repairs. We understand how important your glasses are to you, so we aim to get them back to you as good as new in no time.

Prescription Eyewear - Claremont

We’ve got a great collection of designer glasses and sunglasses from top brands around the world.

Think stylish names like BeBe, Boheme, Calvin Klein, and Charles Stone. Plus, we’ve got DUTZ Eyewear, FACE A FACE, Ferragamo, Flexon, and Kaleos. And that’s just the start!

You’ll also find Kilsgaard, Lacoste, Longchamp, Maui Jim, Nautica, Nine West, and OGA Scandinavian Spirit.

Love Paul Smith Eyewear, Prodesign Denmark, Pure, Skaga, Wayne Cooper, or WOOW? We’ve got those too, and even more.

Our optical dispensers are super friendly and ready to help you find just the right frames.

Our job is to make sure your glasses not only help you see clearly but also look good and feel right for your lifestyle.

It’s all about mixing clear vision with style and practicality.

Prescription eyewear in Claremont, Perth. Optometrist.

Contact Lenses - Claremont

Contact lenses in Claremont, Perth. Optometrist.

At Ezekiel Eyes, we’ve got a wide range of contact lenses for you to choose from. Whether you’re after the everyday comfort of soft lenses, in clear or fun colors, or need the precision of hard (rigid gas permeable) lenses, we’ve got plenty in stock. We keep up with the latest in soft disposables and RGP lens designs to make sure you get both great vision and comfort. Our goal is to find the contacts that fit you just right.

When you come in for a contact lens fitting, we start with a chat to really get what you need and how you live your life. Your optometrist will then take a close look at your eye health and how well you see, to pick out contacts that are not just clear but also comfortable.

And don’t worry about variety – we’ve got contacts from all the big suppliers, so you’re sure to find something that works for you.

Dry Eye Treatment - Claremont

Fed up with constantly needing those lubricating eye drops? Ever get that annoying feeling like there’s an eyelash stuck in your eye, but when you check, there’s nothing there?

These could be signs that you’re dealing with dry eye syndrome. It’s all about the tears – or the lack of them. Your eyes need a steady flow of tears for both health and clear sight. When your eyes don’t make enough tears, or the tears aren’t quite right in their makeup, that’s when dry eye kicks in.

Come and talk to us about the very latest in dry eye disease treatment – Intensive Pulse Light therapy. This non-invasive procedure is revolutionizing the eye care world, and at Ezekiel Eyes, we are proud to offer this advanced treatment to our patients.

Dry eye treatment in Claremont, Perth. Optometrist.

Paediatric Optometrist - Claremont

Paediatric Optometrist in Claremont, Perth. Optometrist.

At Ezekiel Eyes, we understand that parents want the best for their children’s eye health and vision development.

That’s why we offer specialized children’s eye care services tailored to their unique needs. Our experienced team is trained to provide eye exams that are kid-friendly and engaging, ensuring that your child feels comfortable throughout their visit.

We assess not just vision clarity, but also eye health and development, ensuring that any issues are caught early and managed effectively.

We also offer a range of eyewear options specifically designed for children, combining durability, comfort, and style. Whether your child is active on the playground or concentrating in the classroom, we have the perfect solution to fit their lifestyle.

Our team is here to guide you and your child in selecting the best eyewear, making sure it’s not only functional but also something your child will love to wear.

At Ezekiel Eyes, we’re committed to supporting your child’s vision health every step of the way.

About Ezekiel Eyes

Greetings from Ezekiel Eyes, your experienced eye care professionals in Nedlands, Perth. As a boutique family-operated clinic, we pride ourselves on providing exceptional eye care services and a diverse selection of eyewear to satisfy the most discerning clients. Our practice, deeply embedded in the local community, has been thriving since 1916. You’re invited to explore our extensive history on the Ezekiel Eyes website.

Leading the team is our principal optometrist, Damon Ezekiel, who represents the third generation of his family to helm the practice.

At Ezekiel Eyes, we recognize and cater to the individuality of each patient. Our friendly team is always prepared to offer tailored advice, assisting you in making well-informed decisions about your eye health that match your lifestyle, specific personal requirements, and financial considerations.

Optometrist near Claremont, Perth, Western Australia.