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Want to help your son or daughter’s eyesight not to get worse? Want glasses that help slow down deterioration?

Ordinary lenses in your child’s glasses don’t slow down myopia (or short sightedness).

Why is this a problem? As your child’s eyes get worse, the eyes become abnormally stretched. This puts pressure on delicate parts of the eye. In particular, the back of the eye suffers.


Myopia can increase your child’s risk of significant eye problems like:

What if we could slow down, or prevent these changes?

Ezekiel Eyes is an accredited practice for Hoya Miyosmart lenses.

Some treatments for myopia only reduce the eyes getting worse by 30-40%. Miyosmart helps reduce eye elongation by 62% according to one study

So what are Miyosmart lenses?

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Miyosmart lenses have a clear part in the centre. Then there are nearby areas that help to focus on adjacent areas of the eye.

With ordinary lenses (i.e. single vision lenses), these adjacent areas are not focussed on the back of the eye. So they trigger the eyes to stretch or grow longer. This leads to myopia getting worse over time.

Miyosmart lenses help the middle and adjacent areas to be in focus. This means that the eyes are much less likely to stretch or grow longer.

Here are shadows of light showing the ‘lenslets’, or micro lenses, recently for a Perth patient.

These ‘lenslets’ help to focus the light in the periphery of the eyes, not just in the centre (like an ordinary spectacle lens).

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Are you shortsighted? Are you concerned about your kids eyes getting worse?

Make an appointment to talk about myopia at Ezekiel Eyes.

Get Miyosmart lenses. Get pease of mind for your child today.

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