Multifocal Lenses- Get the right ones!

February 28, 2019


Ever heard of Multifocal Lenses? Getting the right ones is very important!

Without the right lenses, you can struggle to see at work for reading and looking at a presentation. Or you may be caught without your reading glasses, and have to borrow some from a friend.

Listen as Damon Ezekiel explains how to get your eyes tested for the right Multifocal Lenses in this short video:

Here is the full text from the video:

(Leigh) Welcome, everyone. I’m here with Damon Ezekiel, owner of Ezekiel Eyes. Welcome, Damon.

(Damon) Thank you very much.

(Leigh) Tell me a bit about the way that you approach glasses and getting them right for patients.

(Damon) Leigh, I’m very lucky that I have an optical dispenser who’s been in the optical world for, I think Tom’s been in it for like 25 to 30 years. Very similar to myself. He’s old-school technical trained as an optical technician dispenser. He is very clever at what he does.

A lot of patients come in and they’re like, I’ve tried multifocals and it’s nightmare but multifocal spectacles don’t have to be a nightmare!

There’s a couple of combinations. We need to get the right prescription and that’s what Kai, my colleague, and I do at Ezekiel Eyes.

But then Tom takes his expertise and makes sure that we’ve got the right frame for your face to match that prescription.

There’s no good getting a great looking frame but this prescription’s not gonna fit into it.

Then the important thing is to get these optical centres exactly where we need them. Tom will do that.

We’ll make sure we get the distance between your pupils right but also the height. Unless everything marries together, we’ve got the right frame for your shape to marry in with the prescription and then we get the heights and the distance between your pupils right.

The next thing is we need to get the right type of lens ’cause there’s a stack of different type of lenses, if you’re a:

  • first time wearer of multifocal lenses,
  • if you’re an experienced wearer,
  • what do you need them for?
  • Do you need them more for distance or computer reading?

We’re going to tailor make what you need. There’s a whole combination and that’s what we do at Ezekiel Eyes.

Whether it’s Kai, my colleague optometrist, or myself, and then we bring Tom in, who’s the optical dispenser, to get that right frame and combination. It’s not a matter of, oh this’ll do, good luck. It’s a matter of getting all these aspects married together. That’s on the glasses side.

(Leigh) Absolutely.

(Damon) You can get Multifocal Contact Lenses too

We can give you contact lenses that are multifocal, bifocal, and there’s lots of different combinations.

It’s a matter of getting the right prescription, working out the curve on the front of your eye, and then trying to work out what do you want.

Leigh, you might just want contact lenses for sport or social, or you want contact lenses full time.

It’s a matter of working out when you want them and what do you want them for:

  • Do you need them, you just want them in a work environment for distance, computer, and reading?
  • You just want them when you’re playing indoor cricket?

We need to know what you want. There’s lots of different options in the contact lens world.

We try to marry everything into what your desires are and then we can see what is available for you.

If you’re a contact lens wearer, you’ll always need glasses as a backup. Depending on your age and what you need, we’d run with a multifocal pair of glasses.

That’s where you spend the time to get to know me and my needs and you can recommend the best solution.

There’s lots of different labs out there, whether they’re in the contact lens world or in the spectacle world and same again, exactly as you said, Leigh, finding out what do you need.

What are your wants and then we can go, all right, this lab, that’s an option, but this lab will really make exactly what we need for your particular needs in your glasses or in the contact lens world.

(Leigh) We value our eyes. Our eyes are so important so why not get the best for our eyes?

(Damon) Absolutely. Unfortunately, we see patients who have gone off and had surgery or things have gone astray.

It’s not until things have gone the wrong way that then they go, “I’ve only got one pair of eyes”. Why didn’t I do this, that, or the other? Yes, they are very valuable!

I don’t think enough of us realise how valuable their eyes are. If you can imagine if something had gone wrong or something’s gone astray, I have patients who come in who just say, “Oh my goodness, what would happen if I lost my vision?” A lot of us don’t value what we have until we lose it.

That’s where we like to treat you as an individual and work out what do you need, Leigh? What are your desires? What do you want?

You want contact lenses socially but I’m happy with my glasses during the day. That’s great. We’ll work out what’s gonna work for you. That’s a matter of finding the right type of frame, the right type of lens for your prescription and for you.

(Leigh) You can really help me to get over the line, to be able to work the way that I want to, to function the way that I want to.

(Damon) Absolutely. There’s more than one option.

We will show you all the options and explain why this lens is thinner and lighter than this one and the advantages of that. Is that good for you? It might not be, you might want to look at a different option, great. Let’s look at it and we’ll find out what is out there for you.

We do a lot of different options. Tom’s fantastic at going to various labs and finding out, you know, we’ve got this prescription, what can we do? Can we do thinner and lighter? If so, how much thinner and lighter? Then we can present you with all the different options and the cost options.

Some of the lenses we do buy in will come from overseas. They’ll take two or three weeks in the spectacle lenses because they’re gonna be super duper thin and light but it’s worth it if that’s what you desire and that’s what you need.

(Leigh) That’s great. I like how you go to the nth degree to help people.

(Damon) We don’t mind doing that. That’s what we do. We’re happy to spend another three or four weeks finding out what our options are instead of going, here you go, you’ve only got one option. The lenses are gonna be excessively thick and tough. It’s like, now hang on a minute, let’s see what we can do. As long as you’re not in a hurry, we prefer to take the time.

(Leigh) Yeah, that’s really good. Fantastic. Thanks very much, Damon, for talking to us about your philosophy.

(Damon) Thanks for your time.

(Leigh) Yeah. Thanks everyone for watching. Please like and share this video. Stay tuned for more. Thanks.

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In addition to owning and managing Ezekiel Eyes, Damon is a contact lens consultant to various research organisations. He regularly lectures and conducts workshops in contact lens practice throughout Australia, Asia and the United States. Damon graduated from the University of NSW with a Bachelor of Optometry in 1989. He is now married with two children and enjoys running, hockey, swimming, piano, travelling and trekking.

Damon’s professional associations include:
President of the International Society of Contact Lens Specialists
Practising Fellow of the Scleral Lens Education Society
Fellow of the Cornea & Contact Lens Society of Australia
Fellow of the American Academy of Optometry
Member of Optometry Australia
Member of the Orthokeratology Society of Australia
Member of Alcon Australia advisory panel