Dear Patients

I trust you are all well and enjoying good health and terrific vision. Kai and I have been privileged to evaluate and be one of the first optometrist practices in Australia to utilise and dispense the new Alcon Dailies Total 1.

This is the world’s first Water Gradient Silicon Hydrogel daily disposable contact lens.  Dailies Total 1 is revolutionary in the water content of the material.  These lenses have a gradient across the lens surface where the lens surface is more than 80% made up of water, whereas the centre of the lens – where the silicone is situated – has only a 33% water content. The silicone layer allows the lenses to be highly breathable and increases oxygen transmissibility.

The importance of the high water content surface is that it allows the lens surface to be very wet and this increases the surface lubricity.  An increased surface lubricity of a contact lens allows the lens to be ‘slippery’ and stay wetter for longer.  This leads to exceptional comfort throughout the day.

The start of a new era has begun with the release of Dailies Total 1. We are actively prescribing this lens so why not let Kai and I know and we can organise a trial of these amazingly comfortable, wet and healthy contact lenses.

 All the best.  Cheers, Damon