We’re thrilled to share this review by Bella about her new glasses:

“I love love love my new multifocal spectacles! Imagine!

I was dreading getting my first pair of multifocals, I didn’t want to look old, my friends said they couldn’t get used to wearing them, so I put it off and put it off, until I couldn’t hide it anymore, I just couldn’t see.

I couldn’t see what I was signing, I couldn’t read my iPhone…so sigh…. I made the call to Ezekiel Eyes.

I have been going to Damon Ezekiel for years and years and years, he is always professional and very funny, so the consultations are always enjoyable.

So off I went, Damon was as brilliant as always – quick, slick and funny!

Then came the scary part, choosing the frames. Damon introduced me to Mel (the optical dispenser, who helps choose and fit the spectacles)  – Mel was so nice, understanding, and knew exactly what I was afraid of.

I immediately chose dull and boring frames, hoping no one would notice me when I wore them. I hoped she wouldn’t choose outlandish, as I am not that type – instead, she chose the most gorgeous tortoiseshell frames – elegant & fashionable.  I put them on and – wow!

I love them. The multifocal lenses are in my new frames now, and from the moment I put my specs on, I could see – instantly! Nothing to get used to, no distortion, no dizziness, nothing – that simple! So easy and most of all – I look (and feel) amazing!!

Thank you all at Ezekiel eyes, I am so so grateful.