Do you enjoy learning? Every day, I’m learning new ways to help people at Ezekiel Eyes!

You might not know that I have been doing postgraduate study in specialty areas of eyecare.

Keep reading to learn more about how it’s making a difference every day…

Previously at a large corporate optometry business, I recall trying to help people like:

· A lady who wore rigid contact lenses but struggled to get the lens to fit properly in one eye

· A person who had early keratoconus and difficulty putting his lenses in and out. One lens went missing and we found it stuck under one upper eyelid.

· A girl with a turned eye and her mother wanted to know how to improve her eye


In my previous role, I had to refer these people to find care with more specialized eye doctors.

When I started working at Ezekiel Eyes, Damon Ezekiel shared how he focuses on improving people’s quality of life.

This motivated me to enroll in an Advanced Certificates in Contact Lenses and Children’s Vision via the Australian College of Optometry.

I’m enjoying the challenge of extra study so far. Damon is fully supportive of me taking up extra study.

Recently I undertook clinical placements with a local paediatric ophthalmologist and two behavioural optometrists. The latter specialise in children’s vision and vision problems affecting education and learning difficulties.

It was great to see tests performed on real patients. Each of these three professionals shared their tips with me.

From my placement and study, I feel confident working with:

· Custom contact lenses

· Dry eye treatment

· Assessing children with learning difficulties and information processing skills

· Vision therapy

· Colour vision assessments for dyslexia

My study has also made me aware of the role of other professionals, such as paediatricians, teachers, occupational therapists, speech pathologists and audiologists in supporting children’s development.

I look forward to collaborating with these professions in the future.

My study and new skills have helped me to grow in confidence, and expand my ability to help meet my patients needs.

Improving people’s quality of life is something that is important for me.

I look forward to seeing you and helping you with any future eye problems. Book an appointment with me here