General Eye Examination

All new patients at Ezekiel Eyes should have an eye exam, so that we can establish the best care plan for your eyes. Our consultations are by appointment only.

Experiencing an eye examination at Ezekiel Eyes involves coming into contact with some of the most sophisticated developments in modern technology. With access to state of the art equipment, optometrists at Ezekiel Eyes can diagnose eye diseases and fit contact lenses to the people who come to us for care.

Comprehensive eye examinations are necessary whenever there is an indication of a possible visual problem, but they are also important on a regular basis, especially during childhood, mid-life and throughout the later years. Some diseases can subtly harm vision without noticeable warning signs. Early detection means a greater chance of effective treatment.

The procedures undertaken with patients vary with age, family history, past and present problems and the purpose of the examination. These procedures are carried out by highly qualified professionals who ascertain important information that is required for the clear understanding of the every individual’s eyes.

At Ezekiel Eyes, we are dedicated to our commitment to provide the utmost patient care.