Workplace Eye Safety

July 12, 2016


Eye accidents change lives forever

“An alarming sixty per cent of all eye injuries happen in the workplace, most of which can be prevented. Optometrists Association Australia (OAA) recommends every workplace, regardless of industry, should have eye safety procedures in place,” says Nedlands optometrist, Damon Ezekiel.

As part of Optometrists Association’s new Workplace Eye Safety campaign, Damon, is available to conduct workplace vision screenings.

“Eye accidents can be avoided by taking simple precautions and making sure employees have appropriate eye protection. This may be in the form of prescription or non-prescription safety eyewear, suitable for the type of work they are doing,” says Damon.

“Optometrists are visiting workplaces and working with employers to conduct vision screenings which involve identification and analysis of the visual comfort and visual hazards in the specific workplace setting.

“Employers are legally required to provide a safe working environment. It’s imperative that employers and employees work together to ensure eye safety procedures are in place to prevent accidents. Optometrists can provide advice in this area to help ensure workplaces are aware of all of their responsibilities in eye safety”, says Damon.

Eye injuries in the workplace are most commonly caused by grinding and welding related activities, occurring most often within the construction, manufacturing, agriculture, forestry, fishing and mining industries.  Another common cause is workers walking by or helping others perform tasks without wearing any, or the appropriate, eye protection.

Optometrists Association and campaign sponsor HOYA Lens Australia intend for this to be the first step in a long term campaign which aims to reduce the number of eye injuries caused by workplace hazards.

“Occupational Health & Safety awareness is growing considerably in the community and we see our alliance with Optometrists Association as a key component in ensuring our industry is well educated in the application of safety eyewear”, said Brad Bairstow, HOYA Lens Australia’s Sales and Marketing Director.

Optometrists Association has developed a brochure which provides advice on protecting and looking after the health of your eyes. to download a free copy and for information on the campaign.

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About optometrists:

Optometrists are experts in vision care who diagnose, manage and treat a wide range of vision problems, eye diseases and ocular conditions. By prescribing spectacles, contact lenses, vision aides and other treatments, optometrists help their patients maximise and retain good vision for life.


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In addition to owning and managing Ezekiel Eyes, Damon is a contact lens consultant to various research organisations. He regularly lectures and conducts workshops in contact lens practice throughout Australia, Asia and the United States. Damon graduated from the University of NSW with a Bachelor of Optometry in 1989. He is now married with two children and enjoys running, hockey, swimming, piano, travelling and trekking.

Damon’s professional associations include:
President of the International Society of Contact Lens Specialists
Practising Fellow of the Scleral Lens Education Society
Fellow of the Cornea & Contact Lens Society of Australia
Fellow of the American Academy of Optometry
Member of Optometry Australia
Member of the Orthokeratology Society of Australia
Member of Alcon Australia advisory panel