Dry Eye (IPL) therapy

Are you tired of regularly flooding your eyes with lubricating eyedrops, trying to douse the burning sensation? Or is a gritty and sandy sensation causing your eyes to water and weep? If you are experiencing either of these problems, you might be experiencing the symptoms of dry eye.

We are delighted to introduce the E>Eye, an Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) device made in France to help manage your dry eye. IPL management for dry eye works by introducing a series of flashes close to the lower eyelids. These flashes causes the abnormal sebum found along the lid margin to liquefy and causes the sebaceous (meibomian) glands to dilate, putting patients with dry eye in a better position for gland expression.

It is recommended that patients undergo a series of IPL treatment to be able to see improvement in their dry eye symptoms. A study (Toyos et al, 2015) done in the USA found increased patient satisfaction with a higher number of treatments. It was found that subjects who received more than five treatments were 17.5 times more likely to see improvement in the tear film stability, while subjects who received four treatments were less likely to show any improvement compared to subjects who received between one and three treatments. As a result, we recommend an initial course of three treatments (Day 1, Day 15 and Day 45) and adjust for more, if required.

In another study by Craig et al (2015) in New Zealand, patients with dry eye were treated with IPL in one eye and a placebo in the other eye. It was found that tear film stability improved and 86% of subjects noted reduced symptoms in the treated eye by Day 45. And they concluded that “intense pulsed light with multiple sculpted pulses shows therapeutic potential for MGD, improving tear film quality and reducing symptoms dry eye”.

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