We are excited to share some news- but we’ll let Felix share it…

We are happy to welcome our second son, Liam into our family!

My wife, Devi, and baby Liam are both at home and doing well.

(Levi, Felix, Liam and Devi Sugiarto)

We are grateful for our medical care- Osborne Park Hospital is great.

Back at home, our first son, Levi, took a while to warm up to baby Liam. Now he gently strokes Liam’s head, gives him kisses, and places toy cars on baby Liam’s blanket.

My older sister is in America and my younger sister is in Indonesia. My parents have both passed away.

Due to COVID restrictions, my wife’s parents cannot visit Perth. We’ve been able to video chat with them often.

Once the border is open, my wife’s parents are looking forward to meeting our two sons.

We’re excited to watch the boys grow and seeing their characters and interests develop.”

Congratulations Felix- we wish you all the best!