Aosept Plus Hydraglyde Economy Pack 360ml plus 90ml

August 2023 Update– AOsept Hydraglyde has been difficult to buy in Perth. We have AOsept in stock at Ezekiel Eyes!  Tap here to contact us now

Aosept Plus Hydraglyde Economy Pack 360ml plus 90ml

AOSept Plus in Perth

Are you looking for a contact lens solution that’s gentle on your eyes and suitable for all types of contact lenses?

Want a solution that gives you all-day comfort when you wear your contact lenses? Try Aosept Hydragylde today!

Aosept is a hydrogen peroxide-based contact lens solution.

Triple Action Cleaning to ensure your lenses are thoroughly cleaned, disinfected, and neutralized.

AOSept Hydraglyde does this by:

  • Removing debris and deposits from the lens surface
  • Killing harmful bacteria and viruses
  • Neutralizes the hydrogen peroxide, making it safe to use on your eyes.

One of the significant advantages of using Aosept is that it’s suitable for people with sensitive eyes.

It doesn’t contain any preservatives that can cause irritation, making it a gentle option for anyone who wears contact lenses.

Plus, its versatility means it can be used with all types of contact lenses, including soft and rigid gas permeable lenses.

We understand that keeping your eyes healthy and comfortable is essential, and that’s why we recommend Aosept.

Try Aosept Plus Hydraglyde for yourself and experience the difference. You can purchase Aosept Hydraglyde Economy Pack at Ezekiel Eyes now.

We’re confident that you’ll love it as much as we do!