Testimonial – Dave

I transferred to Perth from Melbourne back in 2009 and was referred to Damon Ezekiel from my previous specialist. Since having regular appointments with the team at Ezekiel Eyes over the past 8 years, in particular Damon, I can attest to having the best quality care and diagnosis with my vision than I have ever experienced prior. Damon is exceptional with his customer care and advice, and his skills and expertise in diagnosis, treatment and follow consultation are without doubt, beyond reproach.

I have personally recommended friends to try the services provided by the team at Ezekiel Eyes, and all that have, have been impressed by the quality of care and service and permanently switched providers.

I cannot speak highly enough about Damon, he is without doubt the best optometrist I have had the privilege of visiting.



Sight for All Charity Project – Cambodia

Sight for All Charity Project – Cambodia

Sight for All Charity Project – Cambodia

After some time in the planning I recently made my second journey on behalf of Sight For All – A Shared Vision, a charity based in Adelaide.

The aim of this visit to Phnom Penh in Cambodia, as per my initial visit to Hanoi in Vietnam, was to focus on training Dr Khong, an ophthalmologist, and her staff, in the fitting of all types of gas permeable contact lenses.

Sight for All focuses on delivering sustainable sight-saving solutions in partnering communities. We aim to train Dr Khong to a suitable level so that she can then fit contact lenses to the numerous patients that visit her at the Eye Clinic of the Khmer Soviet Friendship Hospital.

Once Dr Khong is up to speed, she can then be the trainer and pass on her skills to others within the eye clinic.

I spent most of my week in Cambodia teaching the theory of fitting these gas permeable contact lenses.

We consulted with a handful of patients and fitted them with contact lenses and reviewed the corresponding theory that had been taught.

It was a very grounding experience as we take so much for granted here in our western society. Many Cambodians have so little yet they are so happy and very helpful. It would be wonderful if we could all experience what others don’t have, how they live and their amazing attitude to life.

I look forward to continuing to help Dr Khong and her team via email, Facetime and in the future.

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