Optometrists who are patient enough to help you find a solution.


The health of your eyes is of vital importance, and like most illnesses or diseases, the earlier you act on eye health issues, the better you will be in the longer term.


Ezekiel Eyes provides a range of services and state-of-the-art technology and equipment, ensuring our patients receive the highest quality of care.


Choosing the correct frame and lenses for your individual requirements is important. Ezekiel Eyes can help you choose.
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Wearing the right contact lenses for you involves consulting Ezekiel Eyes, who will provide you with a full eye care examination.

We know you’re visionary … And you’re probably health-conscious …

But are you conscious of the health of your vision?


Quality of vision is fundamental to our overall well being, yet many people neglect the health of their eyes until it is too late.

At Ezekiel Eyes, we’re visionary about your health. We want to ensure that issues such as glaucoma and macular degeneration don’t feature in your future.

We are a boutique, family-owned optometry practice, in Nedlands, Perth, that offers the highest level of care for your eyes. We believe that every patient is unique and every eye deserves the best possible attention.

Make an appointment with us to check the health of your eyes.

20:20 Vision without constant eye irritation from contact lenses was something I was told by countless optometrist over 15 years was not possible. A referral to Damon Ezekiel challenged that belief. After 3 visits with Damon I now have 20:20 vision without irritation. It is truly a life changing experience challenging a 15 year truth. Thank you Damon, Maureen and the Ezekiel team!


Damon and the team at Ezekiel Eyes have been providing an unparalleled level of care since I started seeing them in 2003. They have always gone to great lengths to ensure the best possible vision with my contact leneses is obtained whilst ensuring they’re comfortable and taking the time to answer any questions I may have. The team are friendly and genuinely care about your eye health – I cannot recommend them highly enough.


Ezekiel Eyes managed my keratoconus for more than twenty years. Don and Damon Ezekiel are abreast of the very latest developments in the world of the contact lenses and have enjoyed some notable achievements in their own laboratory. At times when I thought I was headed for corneal graft surgery, they always came up with another solution. You simply won’t do better anywhere. Thank you Don and Damon and best wishes for an exciting future.



When my kids were much younger, they used the expression “gobsmacked” when feeling surprised and pleased … and that is just how I felt yesterday. Due to Damon’s skill and expertise, the eye is back to normal today without any hint of trouble at all.

So thank you for encouraging me to make an appointment and I would ask you to pass on to Damon, my sincere appreciation of his professional help yesterday. With best of wishes



Wonderful service and very understanding. Goes above and beyond to help. All staff are willing to what they can to make you feel comfortable. Thank you to you all


Since having regular appointments with the team at Ezekiel Eyes over the past 8 years, in particular Damon, I can attest to having the best quality care and diagnosis with my vision than I have ever experienced prior. I cannot speak highly enough about Damon, he is without doubt the best optometrist I have had the privilege of visiting.
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